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Hot Dog Quiz

Hot Dog Day is here again and while you prepare yourself to feast your senses on the spicy frankfurter, it will not be such a bad idea to spare some minutes and try out this brilliant quiz game themed to the occassion. Try this Hot Dog Quiz and put your knowledge about the occassion to a real test! If you enjoy solving this Hot Dog Quiz, click here and refer it to your friends and dear ones. Wish you a happy Hot Dog Day!

Quiz for Hot Dog Day

correct on first try

Attempt all the questions and find out for yourself how familiar are you with Hot Dog Day.

Answer the questions below:

1. The hot dog was originally imported to the US from this city

2. This is the National Hot Dog Month.

3. A standard beef hot dog contains about

4. An American eats about _____ hot dogs on an average every year.

5. In 1893, hot dogs became the standard cuisine for

6. The word "hot dog" was reportedly coined in

7. Who coined the name "hot dog"?

8. The length of the world's longest hot dog was

9. The most popular hot dog topping among adults is

10. This highly famous person served hot dogs at a royal banquet held for the American Bar Association.

11. The average hot dog is consumed in

12. She famously said that her favorite meal was hot dogs and champagne.

13. The approximate number of Hot Dogs typically consumed by Americans between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

14. National Hot Dog Day is

15. Most Americans prefer their Hot Dogs in this way
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