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Hot Dog Quotes

One of the most popular American fast foods, the Hot Dog is such a spicy, tasty delicacy that few could resist passing a comment on or revoving around it. Go through some of the most memorable quotes centred on hot dog by some of the most famous individuals of the world. If you like these Hot Dog Quotes, click here and pass this article on to your friends. Have a funfilled HotDog Day celebration.

Enjoy these memorable quotations revolving around our favourite delicacy, the hot dog:

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog; it feeds the hand that bites it."
~ Lawrence J. Peter.
"Is the chemical aftertaste the reason why people eat hot dogs, or is it some kind of bonus?"
~ Neil Gaiman.
"The hot dog, as the phrase runs, seems to have come to stay. Even the gastroenterologists have given up damning it.....I am informed by reliable spies that at their convention in Atlantic City last May they consumed huge quantities.....and with no apparent damages to their pylorus."
~ H.L. Mencken.
"May the dragon of life only roast your hot-dogs and never burn your buns!"
~ Anonymous.
"If a man is hungry and can't get to a fancy French restaurant, he'll go to a hot dog stand."
~ Joan Fontaine.
"Me carrying a briefcase is like a hotdog wearing earrings."
~ Sparky Anderson.
"A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz."
~ Humphrey Bogart.
"Only in America - do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight"
~ Anonymous.
"Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and hot dogs"
~ Dwight David Eisenhower.

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