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Smile Greeting Cards

You know what works when you are sad and lonely or happy and elated........yes it's a smile!!! And it's true that a smile can actually make you brighter and your heart lighter.And here are some ecards coming your way just to make you smile and share it with someone you want to,so that you can make sure no one misses out on the beautiful things in life....

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Smile greeting cards Smile cards animated smile cards smile e-cards
Keep smiling always...
[Flash card]
Come join our party
[Flash card]
Would you please us with a sweet smile?
[Flash card]
You should smile on ever..
[Flash card]
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Wanna have a look...
[Flash card]
The merry and bright flowers...
[Flash card]
Keep smiling always...
[Flash card]
My joyfull hearts soars up...
[Flash card]
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It is contagious, has no known medicine,carried by human beings... 'SMILE' It increases UR face value Sending a smile on your way! Start UR day with a big smile!
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It's all about a smile! Something to make you smile! Sharing a smile...... Here's sending you a musical smile!
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