Birthday Decoration

No Birthday party decoration is complete without balloons and streamers. While decorating your party with balloons and streamers, you should aim for a riot of colors. Mix colors , choose balloons of multiple colors in them and so on. With in this riot, if you want to make an area stand out, use a solid color like violet. And in between, with another solid color like pink, you can write the name of the birthday girl or boy, all in balloons.

Attach balloons to chandeliers, chairs, doors, lamp shades, and even your letter box. Run the streamers across the ceiling, and attach them to opposite wall or diagonally opposite corners. Let your imagination flow.

If you are planning for helium balloons, make sure you pump in helium only a few hours before the party, else your floating balloons may become drifting balloons.

Finally, to complete the effect, wrap up some candies and confetti in colorful paper and keep them on the main dining table.

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Allow yourself time to do the decor. Be it doing the flower arrangements, hanging the balloons, or taking up of more complicated projects such as swags of wreaths of flowers and foliage, if you have a fascination about them.

Lay the table in good time to create a welcoming ambiance for the guests.

Make sure to plan the party according to the theme you've thought of. Decor and make a display of things accordingly. Put up streamers, banners and balloons based on the party theme alongside the ones with "Happy Birthday" messages.

For summer fun, fasten beach balls together in groups of three or more using wire or tape or whatever, and hang them wherever you like.

Giant props are always fun. For the same reason, when things are ten times bigger than they should be, people derive the fun from them.

You can print out characters or images related to your party theme, cut them out, and attach them to the straw hats by making slits at the top and bottom with scissors. Or, tape them to paper cups, place cards, balloons, or banners. You can print out characters or images related to your party theme, cut them out, and attach them. Or you can use stickers. Fix them on to paper cups, place cards, balloons, or banners.

Clear the floor in one room to allow space for dancing. Set chairs aside but make sure that there are some comfortable areas where less lively guests can congregate and talk.

Also you can place potted plants alongside the passage of the main room and in the corners of the room where the party is being hosted. Clean the plants off dusts and water them and put a fresh coat on the pots holding the plants. Then decorate them with sticks and cut-outs relevant to the party theme.

Well, if you choose a special color for your party theme try to make the color predominate your decor throughout.

Lastly be particular about the ambiance so that it moves in perfect harmony with the mood of the party. Use, soft music to sustain the mood.

Make sure to have colorful ice cubes for mixed drinks and food decor by freezing strawberries, cherries, green olives, pieces of orange or lemon in water in ice cube trays.

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