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Friendship is sharing greetings

Convey that Friendship is sharing by e cards.
The more you share your joys with your friends, the greater is your joy, and the more you share your pains with your friends, the lesser is the pain. Hence the essence of friendship is in its inherent sharing. Now celebrate this sharing of friendship with your friends by connecting to them with our friendship is sharing greeting cards. The cards will catch and convey your true inner feelings for your friends to them, strengthening the bond between you.
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The way we bond together...
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We'll walk shoulder to shoulder...
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Good friends share it all...
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Sharing is the spice of friendship...
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Friendship is sharing lets make it deeper  You are a hard
nut to crack that's why you are so admired
Great friends think alike  The reason for my success
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 Our friendship
has weathered the test of time
 Lets hit the bottle tonight You have been
a rock your solid support has seen me thru thick & thin

I know you will always lend you shoulder in times of crisis

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  Lucky to have Friend like you!  
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