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Christmas Fun Facts

The beautiful Christmas season is not simply a festival. For most of us, it is an age-old habit that we cannot do without. Go through some little known snippets of information related to the Christmas festival that will amaze and amuse you to no end. Enjoy reading these Christmas Fun Facts yourself and click here to share them with your friends and dear ones. Merry Christmas!

Check out these little bits of information related to Christmas:

  • If you received all of the gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," you would receive 364 gifts.

  • In Mexico, wearing red underwear on New Year's Eve is said to bring new love in the upcoming year.

  • Christmas trees are edible. Many parts of pines, spruces, and firs can be eaten. The needles are a good source of vitamin C. Pine nuts, or pine cones, are also a good source of nutrition.

  • During the Christmas buying season, Visa cards alone are used an average of 5,340 times every minute in the United States.

  • The names of the 'Three Wise Men' are not actually mentioned in the Bible. The Magi are known as Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar as these names were detailed in an early 6th century Greek manuscript.

  • The tradition of eating turkey on Christmas Day can be traced back to the Tudor Times and the reign of Henry VIII. He was the first man to eat turkey on the auspicious occasion.

  • While people generally greet each other by saying 'Merry Christmas', some priests in Australia prefer believe that one should say 'Happy Christmas', because the word 'Merry' has connotations of 'getting drunk'.

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