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Christmas Craft Ideas

The wonderful Christmastime is a season that we all look forward to and love for the numerous opportunities of merrymaking it brings to us. But it is also a time that prohibits enjoyable outdoor activities due to the chilly weather and that is precisely the reason we have supplied you with these awesome Christmas craft ideas. Go through these fantastic Christmas craft ideas and make at home some easy crafts that will be appropriate for your Christmas celebrations, gifting and decorations. If you like these Christmas craft ideas, click here and refer this article to your friends and dear ones. Have a funfilled Christmastime!!
Go through these step by step instructions and create wonderful crafts for your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Bell Door Hanger

You need:

1) Metal Jingle Bells (15-20 mm)
2) Wire cutters.
3) Heavy gauge wire.
4) Pliers.
5) Curling ribbon.
6) A key ring of about 1" diameter.


1) Cut out a piece of wire about 2" longer than you want your door hangers to be, when finished.
2) Wrap one end of the wire once or twice around the key ring, using the pliers you have. This will let you hang the craft.
3) Pass the jingle bells through the wire, leaving enough wire at the end to form a firm loop.
4) Fasten several pieces of ribbon to the bottom loop and curl them.
5) Hang your bell craft from the front door.

Sparkling Beaded Ornaments

You need:

1) A tinsel pipe cleaner.
2) Plastic pony beads of metallic color.
3) Pliers.
4) 25 beads.
5) A little red ribbon.


1) Pass beads through the pipe cleaner until you have covered almost the whole of its length, leaving an inch free from both ends.
2) Adjust the beads and bend the pipe cleaner from the middle using pliers.
3) Use pliers to secure the ends together and tying them around each other. Tie a little red ribbon around the knotted area of the pipe and form it into a loop that will let you hang the ornament.
4) Twist the circular pipe cleaner from the middle to make it look like a jewel.
5) Hang your ornament from anywhere you like.

Christmas Brooches

You need:

1) Flour - 1 c.
2) Warm water - 1 c.
3) Salt - ΒΌ c.
4) Cream of tartar - 2 tsp.
5) Oil - 1 tsp.
6) Food coloring of your choice.

Also needed:

A mixing bowl, a pan, cookie cutters, craft pins.


1) Pour flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring into a pan. Combine the items together.
2) Heat the ingredients over medium temperature, stirring constantly, until it turns into a smooth dough.
3) Remove the dough from the pan. Allow it to cool for some time.
4) Knead the dough until it becomes smoother and all the items in it are well-mixed. Flatten the dough.
5) Cut Christmas shapes like stars and snowmen out of the dough using cookie cutters.
6) Preserve the shapes in a plastic bag or an airtight container.
7) Take the shapes out after a day and test their dryness.
8) If you find the shapes have totally dried, paint them with food coloring. Let them dry for a day.
9) Press craft pins into backs of the colored brooches.

Jingle Bell Earrings

You need:

1) Multicolored jingle bells - 6, each having 6 mm radius.
2) Earring headpins - 2.
3) Shepherd's hook ear wires - 2.
4) Open jump rings - 6, each having 4 or 5 mm radius.
5) Needle nose pliers.


1) Place three jingle bells on a jump ring.
2) Close the ring using the needle nose pliers you have.
3) Fix another jump ring to the shepherd hook ear wire. Again use pliers to close this ring.
4) Fix the two other rings with a third jump ring and shut it close using the pliers.
5) Repeat this process for the second earring.

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