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When is Diwali in the Coming Years?

Diwali, also known as Deepavali or Kalipuja, is one of the major Hindu religious festivals and is eagerly awaited by millions of Hindus settled in India as well as in many other countries. If you are an avid celebrant of Diwali, you will find this article very useful as you will find here the dates when the occassion is to be observed in the coming years. So check out when Diwali falls in the coming years and plan your celebrations in advance. If you find this article assistive, do not forget to click here and refer this article to your friends and dear ones. Celebrate Diwali with as much fun as you can!
Go through the table below to know the dates when Diwali is to be celebrated in the coming years. If you have any knowledge about Diwali dates in the years beyond those given here, please send them to us and we will add them here acknowledging your contribution.

Year Day Date
2010 Friday 5th November
2011 Wednesday 26th October
2012 Tuesday 13th November
2013 Sunday 3rd November
2014 Thursday 23rd October
2015 Wednesday 11th November
2016 Sunday 30th October
2017 Thursday 19th October
2018 Wednesday 7th November
2019 Sunday 27th October
2020 Saturday 14th November
2021 Thursday 4th November
2022 Monday 24th October
2023 Sunday November 12

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