Friendship Cards
A friend is the most important part in any one's life. Especially so, for those young hearts.  No one can do without a friend. Here's a tribute to friendship with these warm e-cards on friendship that you can send to all your cherished friends who has always been with you in your ups and downs. It does not need any occasion to send them.
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Friendship Wish Cards
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Bonds of togetherness A sense of belonging...
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Everlasting bond!
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For friendship is a bond undying !
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Times that we all passed in glee The heart misses those days of yore...
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Friendship is Sharing Cards
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The way we bond together...
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We'll walk shoulder to shoulder...
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Good friends share it all...
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Sharing is the spice of friendship...
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Best Friends Cards
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I am lucky to have you as my friend
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I am incomplete without your friendship
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Thanks for being there
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Love to have you as my best friend.
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Forever Friendship
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Let our friendship be forever
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Together we passed the days
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We'll hold our hands
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Let's our bond be so...ever.
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