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Kiss Quizzes

Here is something that will help you to discover your true nature, when it comes to kissing. Know how good you are, areas where you can improve, and your true self for kissing your partner. Just type your name and take the quiz below, and results will be given in a flash. Not only does it attempts to throw light on your innate desire, but you can also take it for the sheer fun of it. Remember to share this page with your friends by clicking here.

To take this kissing quiz, answer all the questions below by checking the radio button next to your answer, then click the 'submit' button at the bottom. Your 'Kissing Type' will then be revealed!
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What kind of kisser are YOU?
Your Name :
1) When kissing, do you like to keep your eyes open?
Only when I have to wipe slobber of their face
2) Do you like to nibble on your partner's lips?
Only by accident
No, never
3) Do you like to slowly and tenderly kiss your partner?
Yes, but only until we really start kissing
Every now and then
No way, too boring
Yes, always
4) While kissing, where do you like to put your hands?
On my partner's butt
Running through their hair
Stroking their face and holding hands
5) A good length of time for a kiss is...
As long as it takes
Some short, some long
Until you're tired
Not too long at all
6) The best thing about kissing is?
The heat
It's fun
Going crazy
Feeling close
7) When kissing, what are you thinking about?
Touching your partner
Ways to play "hard to get"
How you can shock or surprise the person
How much your partner means to you
8) You consider a "Peck"...
Only the beginning
Cute and playful
A waste of time
9) What is your favorite place to kiss?
Somewhere public
A place you shouldn't be kissing
In private
10) While kissing, what do you like to hear in the background?
Upbeat music
The television
I can't hear anything
Slow music
11) Your first kiss was?
12) The perfect kiss would be?
Steamy, hot and sexy
Playful, fun and coy
Freaky, funky and bizarre
Sweet, romantic and charming
13) The most important aspect behind proper kissing is?
The technique
The style
The attitude
The feeling
14) What is the best thing to do right before a kiss?
Touch each other
Tickling each other
Talk to each other
Hug each other
15) What one word best describes your kissing style?
Make sure you've answered all the questions, then click to 'View The Result' button.

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