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Elvis Presley - The King Greetings

Elvis Aron Presley, does the name need any introduction? The king of "Rock and Roll" has long been gone, yet he lives on in our hearts. A singer of exceptional talent and flamboyant style, Elvis had kept an entire generation enthralled by his god-given talent. And the Elvis hangover continues still. This Elvis Day, remember the king once more and celebrate the day with us. How, are you thinking? Simple. Check out our assortment of Elvis Day eCards. Just click on any of the thumbnails below to send them to your acquaintances and loved ones. Happy Elvis Day!

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Elvis Day Greeting Cards for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest

An animated card showing the king Elvis shows his rocking performance

Its Day of the King

Have fun, make merry, for its day of the King
(An animated card)


Greeting card of the evergreen rockster Elvis Presley

We Love You, Elvis

In our hearts, he remain. In our souls, he is evergreen. His music still beacons us.


A card for Elvis Day showing the king playing guitar

Remembering The King

Remembering the King and his timeless music.


A card of Elvis the king for any social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest

Elvis The King

A card of Elvis the king for any social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin...


Greeting card in memory of the Rockster King Elvis

Rockster King Elvis Presley

In memory of the Blue-Eyed boy of Rock Music.


Animated Happy Elvis Day Card

Happy Elvis Day!

His music - evergreen and his talent - timeless. (Animated Card)


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