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Nag Panchami Images and Greeting Cards for WhatsApp and Facebook

India is the land of diverse religions and religious festivals. Observed during the Hindu month of Shravan (July /August),Nag Panchami is one of the most sacred occassions for pious members of the Hindu community and is intended to honour the various snake deities mentioned in the ancient scriptures as well as commemorate many old Hindu legends. Send festive wishes to your friends and loved ones and share with them the spirit of the occassion with a range of exquisite e-cards specially themed to Nag Panchami. All these e-cards are free for you to greet your dear ones with during Nag Panchami. If you like these Nag Panchami e-greeting cards, please share the entire collection to your friends and dear ones. Shubh Nag Panchami!

Nag Panchami Greeting Cards for WhatsApp and Facebook

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The sound of the flutes remind, it is again that holy day. May you be blessed by the Goddesss. May she keep you out of harm's way! Shubh Nag Panchami!

Make your offering, worship with reverence. It is again that holy time. Bow to the lord of the serpents! Happy Nag Panchami!

The wisdom of the sages, the tradition followed through ages call you upon this day to make your offering and pray. Shubh Nag Panchami!

Feed whom He made, serve whom He formed, that you may gain his blessings and please the lord. Happy Nag Panchami!

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