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For a favor no matter how big or small done to you by your friends, colleagues or relatives- never forget to say those two small words,' Thank you'. Though it is said that there should be no room for thanks or sorry in friendship, as these are said to be very formal words, yet a 'Thank You' is in a way an expression of how relived you are specially when you get that much needed help from your near and dear ones. Send these free e-cards to all those you care and express yourself candidly.
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thank you thank you thank you thank you
For always being there by my side... For that sense of belonging, All the world seems gay Just a thought of you,
Makes me swing
a big thank you  just to say thank you thanks a million thank you for your support
I think I forgot something...


I went up to
cloud 9...


Amongst all my work.... I will not forget...
thanks for being there! thank you thank you my love Click to send this card
You had been my support my inspiration! Just wanted to say


 Like the glitter of the Gold...


Just to say "thank's"


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You are a darling thanks for your jesture Thanks for the lovely card A world of thanks


Sending you some virtual flowers to convey my real feelings
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  Thank you


Thanks for being there  

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