Durga Puja Dashami and Subha Bijoya Images, Wishes and Greetings

Welcome to a page dedicated to the joyous culmination of Durga Puja - Dashami and Subha Bijoya! As the grand festival of Durga Puja reaches its climax, Dashami marks the day of bidding farewell to Goddess Durga with immense devotion and heartfelt farewells. Subha Bijoya, on the other hand, brings with it the promise of new beginnings, love, and prosperity.

To make these cherished moments even more special, we have curated a stunning collection of Dashami and Subha Bijoya Images, heartfelt Wishes, and warm Greetings. Whether you want to express your gratitude to the goddess, convey your love and good wishes to your friends and family, or simply spread the festive cheer, our carefully selected elements are perfect for sharing and celebrating the spirit of Dashami and Subha Bijoya.

Join us in embracing this beautiful transition from Durga Puja to Subha Bijoya, as we bid adieu to the goddess with love and gratitude and welcome the new beginnings with open hearts. Explore our collection and make your Dashami and Subha Bijoya celebrations even more memorable with your loved ones. Let's rejoice in the spirit of this divine festival together!

Subho Bijoya Dashami in Bengal, and Dussehera in other parts of India

ঢাকের কাঠি মিলিয়ে গেল, পুজো হলো শেষ
মনে শুধু জাগিয়ে রেখো, এই খুশির রেশ।
*শুভ বিজয়া*

Dashami marks the end of Durga puja in Bengal and is the day of idol immersion. ‘Aasche bochor abar hobe’ which literally means that the worship will again happen upcoming year, is the chant everywhere. Maa is bid goodbye for the year, and it is believed that she returns to her heavenly abode in Mt. Kailash with her four kids, to Mahadeva, after visiting her parent’s home.

After the immersion, all Bengali Hindus wish each other Subho Bijoya (victory of good over evil) and is day to pay respect to all elders by offering pronam, and special hug called kolakuli to all friends. For Bengalis, it is a sad day and beginning of a long wait of a year for the next Durga puja dates. Idol immersion however, is done with great fanfare and processions.

Other part of India celebrates it as Dussehera, the day when when Lord Ram killed Ravana, and marks it as a victory of the good over evil. More information on Dussehera can be found by click here.

You are not a Bengali if you do not send Subho Bijoya Greetings to all your friends, whether they are in WhatsApp groups or Facebook. So scroll down, download and send any of our Subho Bijoya Images for WhatsApp or Facebook, from our collection of bijoya greetings pictures.

Durga Puja Dashami and Subha Bijoya Greetings Images and Wishes

সকলের জন্য রইল বিজয়া দশমীর শুভেচ্ছা সহ অনেক অনেক ভালোবাসা। শুভ বিজয়া!

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  • যৎ পূজিতং ময়া দেবি পরিপূর্ণং তদন্তু মে॥
    গচ্ছ গচ্ছ পরং স্থানং যত্র দেবে মহেশ্বরঃ।
    সংবৎসরব্যতীতে তু পুনরাগমনায় চ।
  • দশমীতে ঘরে ফেরা।
    দশ দিনের মহাযুদ্ধ শেষে,
    মায়ের অসুর দমন হলো সারা।
    এই বিজয় আনন্দে তাই,
    সবাইকে জানাই শুভ বিজয়া।

শুভ বিজয়া!

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On this auspicious day of Dashami, may Goddess Durga bestow upon you good health, wealth, and prosperity. Happy Vijaya Dashami!

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ভালো থাকা ভালোবাসা, ভালো মনে কিছু আশা, বেদনার দূরে থাকা, সুখের স্মৃতি ফিরে দেখা, বোধন থেকে বরণডালা, বিজয়া মানে এগিয়ে চলা। শুভ বিজয়া!

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Wishing you a blessed Shubho Bijoya!

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শুভ বিজয়ার প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা!

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