Flag Day Craft Ideas

Observed on every 14th June, Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States. Celebrate Flag Day with these highly useful craft ideas suited for the occasion. Check out these tips and make fabulous, thematic crafts using simple materials readily available around your home. If you like these Flag Day Craft Ideas, use them to the best effect and click here to refer this page to your pals. Wish you a happy Flag Day!

Go over these assistive craft ideas and construct wonderful crafts themed to Flag Day!

Star Chain

You need:

1) Construction paper (red, white and blue).
2) A long piece of string or yarn (red, white or blue).
3) A pair of scissors.
4) Adhesive tape/glue.
5) A pencil.


1) Using pencil, draw a large star shape on a piece of construction paper.
2) Cut the star out and decorate it as you want.
3) Fold over an end of the star.
4) Tape or glue the star-end to the long piece of string.
5) Make similar star shapes and attach them to the string in the same way. Leave some extra string at the edges. This will come handy for hanging the structure.
6) Hang the star chain from anywhere you like and create a patriotic atmosphere!

Craft Stick Flag

You need:

1) Craft sticks - 9.
2) Red acrylic paint.
3) White acrylic paint.
4) Brushes.
5) Blue construction paper.
6) Glue.
7) White paper/white gel pen.


1) Color 5 craft sticks with red paint.
2) Color 4 craft sticks with white paint.
3) Let the sticks dry for some time.
4) Attach the sticks together in an alternating pattern by gluing them to one craft stick (on the right side) and two broken craft sticks (in the middle and on the left side).
5) Cut a small square strip out of the blue construction paper.
6) Cut tiny star shapes out of the white paper or draw a lot of white stars on the blue paper using a white gel pen.
7) Attach the blue construction paper square on the long craft stick. Also gue on another craft stick to the back of the long craft stick. Let the glue harden.
8) Raise the flag from any spot in your home.

Patriotic Paper Chain

You need:

1) Red, white and blue construction papers.
2) Stapler/tape.
3) Transparent adhesive tape.
4) A pair of scissors.


1) Cut the three construction papers into 2 inch wide strips.
2) Use one strip to form a loop. Close the ends of the strip with stapler/tape.
3) Pass another strip through the first one and form a similar loop. Hold its ends together with tape or stapler.
4) Continue doing this until you have used up all the strips. Make sure that you use alternating colors for your chain.
5) Your patriotic chain is ready. Beautify it with glitters and stickers and hang it from a spot where it is noticeable.

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