Sorry Greeting Cards

It's not hard to say" Sorry" when you make a mistake and make someone cry or feel really bad. So don't falter to express your regret about the things that went wrong because of you and make up. These Sorry e-cards are meant for you to express yourself clearly about how you feel.... So just scroll down, select your sorry card, and convey your sorry to your special ones!
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I know you I did Oops! did I hurt A small mistake took you away from Life is so dreary ever since I've hurt ya!new
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A moment of weakness and little I was such a Ever since I broke your Such a monkey I was to treat you like
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I am really s.o.o.o.r.r.r.y... I know, I messed up I'm really sorry! SORRY... I still love you and I'm still the same one!


Never meant to hurt you I'm sorrryyy...!
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I'm not smiling...till you forgive me! Sorry to have enraged you...
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Ashamed for what I've done...
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Sorry to have hurt u...
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I am sorry...meant it
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I soooo sorry
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I forgive me
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I am really sorry
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