Flag Day Quiz

Flag Day is a significant annual occasion of the United States of America that marks the historic adoption of the national flag of the country. Attempt this highly interesting quiz game themed to Flag Day and try all the questions associated to the occasion. If you enjoy solving this Flag Day Quiz, click here and refer it to your friends. Celebrate Flag Day!

Quiz for Flag Day

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Have a fun time solving this enchanting quiz game on Flag Day:

Answer the questions below.

1. Flag Day is observed in the U.S.A. on

2. The American national flag is known as 'Stars and Stripes' or by this name

3. It takes these many pieces of fabric to make the American flag.

4. The 13 red and white alternating stripes in the American national flag symbolizes...

5. Presently, how many stars are there on the American flag?

6. The first American flag was known as...

7. Who among these men contributed to the design of the first flag?

8. The first official Flag Day was observed in this place.

9. Who wrote the Star-Bangled Banner?

10. When was the national flag of the U.S.A approved by the Continental Congress?

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