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Happy Pongal Greeting Cards

Pongal Greeting Cards

Pongal is an important festival of South India that falls in the mid-January every year. Pongal marks the auspicious beginning of Uttarayana, the Sun's movement northward & also the harvesting time. Traditional activities mark the four-days-long Pongal celebrations. Cows are bedecked with ornaments & taken out in processions. House entrance is decorated with beautiful Kolam designs. In Tamil Nadu, Pongal is also a sweet porridge recipe cooked from the new rice. Send out free Pongal e-cards from Deepestfeelings to celebrate this auspicious occasion with your loved ones and share the blessings. If you like these Pongal eCards, please click here and refer the entire collection to your friends and dear ones. Happy P0ongal!

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