Smile Quotes Images for WhatsApp and Facebook

You know what works when you are sad and lonely or happy and elated........yes it's a smile!!! And it's true that a smile can actually make you brighter and your heart lighter.And here are some ecards coming your way just to make you smile and share it with someone you want to,so that you can make sure no one misses out on the beautiful things in life....

Smile Greeting Cards for WhatsApp and Facebook

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Always have S: Sweet, M: Memories, I: In, L: Life, E: Everyone.

A smile bring more smiles. So always Keep Smiling to spread smile to miles!

SMILE and be happy and let that happiness spread everywhere you go. Life is beautiful!

On your joy lies my happiness. So be merry and keep smiling always.

The blooming flowers, the smiling sunrays myself, and the green mile wish you all the happiness that is there would you please us with a sweet smile?

I have this gift that I want to keep forever and remember that like it you should smile on ever...

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