A Pack in Picnic

The spot
The prime requirement of a successful picnic is a nice location. Select a cool spot downtown. If you are not fascinated by the common spots anymore, pick up a less crowded one.

What you need to pack:
Keep in mind that you will just be spending a few hours at the spot. Try to keep requirements to a minimum and pack in only the bare essentials:
1) Plastic plates and cups (A few more than the total number of picnickers).
2) Finger foods.
3) Plenty of absorbent paper towels.
4) Lots of colorful paper napkins.
5) A plastic ground sheet.
6) A picnic blanket.
7) Dish towels.
8) Coolers (to keep the food fresh and drinks cool).
9) A few sunflakes.
10) Some straw hats.
11) A bottle of seltzer (sparkling mineral water).

The menu:
Arrange for a variety of food items, keeping enough provisions for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the group so that the supplies are adequate for the lunch and afternoon meals and snacks. Smoked salmon sandwiches, a pot of lumpfish roe, smoked fish pate, cold fried chicken, pizza slices, cold meat pie, spicy meatballs, potato chips and bowls of dip are must requirements for any picnic menu.

While most of us use one simple white sheet of cloth for picnics, you can add some innovations to it. Get a few ribbons of red, white and blue colours and sew them on the corners and halfway along the sides of your white cloth sheet. Decorate the middle with lots of simple appliqué flower shapes in different colors.

Once you have reached the spot and chosen a clear place, take out the cloth and tie the ribbons to tent pegs. Hammer these into the ground to prevent the cloth from flying away. Place the heavier food items in the corners of the cloth to weigh it down.

Wrap it up in style:
The wrapping up of the leftovers is as important as your packing for the picnic. It is your responsibility to clean up all the litters you made and dispose it yourself. Make sure that you carry along a disposal bag to ease your task. Empty it in the nearest dumping ground or vat.

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