Summer Activity Ideas

Summer is here again, but the season is short and you must make the most of it while it lasts. Check out these awesome activity ideas that will help you enjoy summer to the hilt and add some more great pics in your album. If you find these Summer Activity Ideas assistive, click here and share them with your pals and loved ones. May you have a wonderful summertime!

Put more fun into your summer weekends trying out these activities. We plan to add more activity tips soon, so keep watching this space!

Make a sundial

Long before there were clocks, watches and mobile phones, people used sundials to calculate time. Construct a sundial and get a funfilled taste of the primitive. This is the time when the sun is out in its full glory and it makes sense to use it to check the time instead of a clock, isn't it? Click here [HYPERLINK TO SUNDIAL CRAFT IN THE SUMMER CRAFTS PAGE] for all the necessary instructions to construct a sundial all by yourself.

Go Camping

Summer is the time for camping. Gather a few friends and family members and pitch your tent at a suitable spot. Spend the day in activities like playing baseball, gathering rocks, bird watching, gathering woods and cooking. The night is what gets the best out of campers. Light a bonfire in the middle and sing your favorite campfire songs. Let everyone tell a thrilling story. Pass the night inside a tent or spread out a blanket and sleep on it gazing at the countless stars sparkling in the backdrop of the dark night sky.

Make a trip to the beach

This is also the right season to hit the beach and tan your body. Drive to your nearest beach in the weekend with one ot two colorful umbrellas, beach wears, sunglasses, beach balls, beach towels, thongs, summer sandals, a stereo and some good books and magazines. A first-aid box and some home-cooked food are other prerequisites for a successful beach holiday. You can have a wild time playing beach balls, downing the drinks they offer at the beach kiosks, creating sand castles (do not forget to take along a shovel and sand pails), ogling and being ogled at! If that is not what you want, just pick up a less crowded beach, choose a spot with a shadowy palm groove, and just lie down there sipping a chilled glass of refreshing drink - lemonade or, fruit pulp, to beat the heat and enjoying the beauty of the foam crested stretch of the rolling salty wet sea dotted with sailing boats, lifeguards and surf riders and the seagulls flying across the sun soaked blue sky.

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