Craft Ideas for Summer

Now that the summer season is here at long last, it is time to shove the tiniest bit of warm clothing back into its rightful place and indulge in some rollicking fun in the sun. Unleash your creativity with our fabulous craft ideas for summer that will help you construct awesome crafts using some simple materials that you will readily find in and around your home. If you find these craft ideas assistive for your summer enjoyment, click here and share them with your dear ones. Have a grand summertime!

Paper Sundial Craft

Materials needed:

1) A large styrofoam/paper plate
2) A large needle
3) A wristwatch
4) A permanent marker
5) A pencil
6) Tape
7) Some small pebbles (enough to fill the cup about half full)
8) A compass


1) Poke 1/3rd of the needle into the middle of the plate such that 2/3rd of it stands above the surface.
2) Step out with your "needled plate" on a clear sunny morning. Find a spot out in the open that gets abundant sunlight from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon and is away from any tree or building.
3) Place the sundial on level ground or on a flat table surface that will be undisturbed.
4) Use the compass to find North, and make a mark with your marker near the bottom of the surface of the plate. Also mark the table/ground position to use the sundial again on the same spot.
5) At 10 a.m., mark where the shadow from the needle falls on the plate surface. Continue making marks every hour until 3 p.m. Make sure your marks are neat and straight. In case clouds come up or you have to leave it all in the middle for some purpose or you forget about it, you can always finish doing it the next day or a few days later. It is not that you have to do it all in a single day.
6) Once you have marked all the hours, you have finished making your own sundial. You can now use this ancient time-keeper. Wait until the next day and try reading the time by comparing the shadow to the marks you made.

Fancy flip-flops

Materials needed:

1) A pair of rubber strips (1/2" thick and 8" by 6" long).
2) Colorful feathers.
3) A pair of metal scissors.
4) White craft glue.
5) A pencil.
6) A knife.
7) Two sandal straps.


1) Place your left foot over one of the rubber strips and trace your left footprint on it using the pencil you have.
2) Repeat the process with the other strip but using your right foot this time.
3) Cut out the pencil drawn shapes using the scissors you have.
4) Invert one of the shapes and place them one over the other to overlap. Using a sandal/flip-flop as reference, poke three holes in each of the shapes in similar spots with a knife.
5) Put the straps into the holes in a similar way as the sandal. Your flip-flops are ready.
6) Glue feathers over the exposed upper part of one of the straps, working your way up from the bottom to the center.
7) Repeat this process for the other strap, meeting in the center. Fill in any gaps with excess feathers. If required, trim all excess feathers as you proceed.
8) Let the glue dry for 1-2 hours before you start wearing your creations.


Materials needed:

1) An empty margarine tub.
2) A long piece of yarn.
3) A pair of metal scissors.
4) A few 1/2" washers.
5) Small bells (available at craft stores).


1) Invert the tub and let it rest on its mouth.
2) Make 2 holes in the center of the tub as also in the bottom, about 1" apart.
3) Pass one end of the yarn through both holes. Tie the ends of the yarn together to make the hanger.
4) Poke 6 (or more as per the size of the container) holes along the edge of the container.
5) Thread a piece of yarn through each hole and then through the center of a washer. Tie the ends of the yarn together.
6) Repeat the process with the other holes so that the washers hit against each other like a windchime when hanged from a source.
7) String small bells, the kind used on X'mas trees, on each of the washers to emit a pretty sound. Hang this from some place and hear it tinkle.

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