Summer Party Ideas

There's something about summer. Yes, it happens to be one time of year we all love and long for. It is a season when people dress up in their casual best and call up their friends, relatives and extended family members to cool summer parties. Looking for some fantastic party ideas to organize that perfect summer bash you have been dreaming about all year long? Our wonderful summer party ideas will help you in this count. Check them out and kick off the season with a grand summer party, right at your own home. If you find these summer party ideas useful, click here and share this article with your friends. Let this summer be a grand one for you and your loved ones!

Casual party:

This type of a party is best enjoyed in a wide lawn and it is good if you have one. If not, you can always arrange for one.  Dress in Hawaiian shirts and bermudas (if you are male) or simple T-shirts and capri pants/three-quarters (if you are female) and request your guests to come wearing similar outfits. Arrange for some light beverages for the initial hours of your party. Follow this up with some light dancing accompanied to nice music, and then some cool games like conversation glasses where you place chits of paper each containing the name of a guest in a glass bowl. Ask one of the invited ones to pick up one of these strips and tell three nice things about the one whose name it contains. Finish off the party with a nice sumptuous meal and a gift (such as a flower) for each of the guests.

Camping party:

Decide where and when do you want to you go camping? It is better if you survey the spot beforehand and make sure that it is safe and you will be able to use it on the date you want to go camping. Next, make a list of those you want to camp out with. Inform them about the date and ask each of them to bring their own tent, a sleeping bag and some little personal belongings such as clothes (casual wear is expected) and stuff. Make a list of the things you want to carry yourself, a first-aid box is a must. Have all your invited ones assemble in one place, preferably your home and then drive to the desired spot on the actual day. If you plan to cook outdoors, make sure that you have adequate provisions for the same. Another way is to arrange for readymade food from outside or carry along some nice home-cooked food sufficient for every stomach. Take along some fishing rods, cards, some light drinks/beverages and a music system. Spend the day in activities like fishing and card-playing. Light a campfire in the night, request everyone to sit round it and sing their favorite campfire songs. Do not forget to take a guitar along. Sleeping out in the open is not advised unless you are within an enclosed area. It is preferable that each of you passes the night inside your sleeping bag, in the comforts of your own tent. It will be a grand joyful party!

Beach party:

A cracker of an idea for a summer party! Make a list of all those you want to invite, ask each of them to bring along stuffs like one or two colorful umbrellas, a pillow or two, thongs, beachwear, towels, sandals, sunglasses and some good books and magazines. Take along some spicy home-cooked food or buy some from a good restaurant or hotel you know of. Ensure that you have provisions for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians in your guest list. Let all of them come to your shack and drive to the beach nearest to your home. Plant yourselves under colorful umbrellas and listen to some cool music (remember to carry along a good music system) or read a nice book or watch the surfers with binoculars. Or you can play beach volleyball (using inflated ball), go oyster hunting or snorkeling. Sip some nice lemonade from a local kiosk and enjoy watching the rolling and breaking of the waves on the seashore. Do not forget to take a first-aid box along. It will come handy whether there are kids among your guests or not. There is so much lurking in the sand, isn't it? Minor hiccups apart, a beach party is guaranteed to be one terrific pleasurable summer party!

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