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Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father's Day is the time to make that man feel special who brought you to earth and let you see the light of this world. It is the occassion to put something really personal in those hands that guide you through every path of your life. What can be a more personal and lovelier gift for your dad other than something that has been created by the labour of your own hands? Go over these assistive craft ideas and make a truly elegant craft for your dad. If you find these Father's Day Craft Ideas useful, click here and refer this page to your friends. Celebrate Father's Day with all you know!

Car Decoration Craft

Things needed:

1) Craft foam.
2) Felt.
3) A hole puncher.
4) A small ribbon.
5) A small piece of construction paper.
6) Gluestick.
7) A needle.
8) A spool of colorful thread.


1) Cut a flower/star shape out of the craft foam.
2) Trace the outline of this shape over the felt you have. Cut it out and sew/glue carefully to the foam shape.
3) Glue the small piece of construction paper to the exposed side of the craft foam shape. Trim the unnecessary portion of paper.
4) Make a small hole on the top of the shape using the hole puncher.
5) Pass a small ribbon through the hole and tie it into a loop.
6) Sprinkle a few drops of fragrant oil over the felt to lend it an aroma. Dad will love to hang this delightful gift in his car.

Father's Day Apron

Things needed:

1) Canvas Apron.
2) Fabric Paints.
3) Paint Brushes.
4) Two small red ribbon strips.


1) Wash the apron thoroughly.
2) Allow the apron at least a day to dry.
3) Decorate the apron as you wish, using the fabric paints you have!
4) Allow the apron some time to dry.
5) Gift it to dad and see him smile.

Business Card Holder

Things needed:

1) Popsicle sticks - 11.
2) A pair of scissors.
3) Green craft paint.
4) Gluestick.
5) Decorative items (like pom-poms).
6) A plastic bag (to protect work surface).


1) Lay out the plastic bag to protect your work surface.
2) Attach three of the sticks together with glue to make a frame for the front side of the card holder.
3) Place two popsicle sticks flat next to each other. Glue these together in the same way you used to create the frontal structure. This will be the base of the holder.
4) Place four popsicle sticks flat next to each other side to side. Glue these together. This will form the back of the holder.
5) Cut 1 and a quarter inch off of the top and bottom of two popsicle sticks. These will serve as the sides of the card holder.
6) Place two long edges together, side to side. Glue these together.
7) Repeat the process with the other two ends for the other side of the card holder.
8) Attach the front to the base at a right angle.
9) Attach the back to the base at a 90 degree angle. This will give you a U-shaped figure.
10) Attach the right and left sides to the base, front, and back of the card holder.
11) You have finished making the basic structure of your card holder. Allow it some time to dry.
12) Decorate the card holder with items like pom-poms, hearts, stars, small stickers or anything you prefer.

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