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Friendship is probably the oldest and the basic form of any relation. Whether between parents and offsprings, siblings, lovers, husband and wife or perfect strangers, friendship or companionship is the simplest form of the love that tends to exist between each bond. In recent times, one of the most beautiful things to have become associated with Friendship Day is the Friendship Band. Read on to know about the significance of the Friendship Band, its origin and connection with the wonderful holiday known as Friendship Day. If you enjoy this article, click here for sure to pass it on to your pals and loved ones. Share the spirit of friendship and celebrate Friendship Day.
Following a formal proclamation by the U.S. Congress in 1935, International Friendship Day - the annual occassion dedicated to the celebration of friendship, is observed on the first Sunday of the month of August.

friendship bandOne of the most popular American holidays, Friendship Day is mainly seen as an occassion for the young even though its scope encompasses people from every age group. Gifts, flowers and greeting cards form the main items exchanged during the celebration of this day, as with many other popular holidays. But the 'Friendship Band' is the unique gift related to this day and has come to be known as the modern day token of friendship.

The origin of Friendship Bands can be traced back to the Native Americans. These colorful bands are supposed to have been invented by Indians of Central and South American origin. These are believed to have first been exchanged in the U.S. around the seventies of the preceding century. A hot favourite of the young generation today, Friendship wristbands are in demand throughout the year, especially during the Friendship Day celebrations. Normally young boys gift Friendship Bands while Friendship Bracelets, said to be their female counterpart, are purchased and exchanged by young girls. Usually handcrafted, these are commonly made out of embroidery floss or coloured thread and are worn by both males and females of all ages.

An old tradition requires one to wear the Friendship Band on the wrist until it wears out and falls off by itself. The reason behind it is respecting the effort and amount paid for the band by the friend. It is also traditionally believed that removing the band before it has worn out signals the end of friendship. A custom of wish fulfillment is also tied in to this little item. A person traditionally makes a wish when the band is tied to his/her wrist. It is supposed to come true at the very instance the band/bracelet drops off by itself.

Friendship Bands/Bracelets come in a wide range of bands, including colourful knotted ones to stone studded, bead embedded and even weaved ones. The choice of the bands, however, depend on the tastes and budget of the buyer.
Call it a gift to flaunt or a symbol of the strength of friendship, the colourful Friendship Band/Bracelet is a simple alternative to bigger and costlier presents and form one of the easiest ways to bond with your buddy.

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