Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most unique and funfilled holidays, Halloween is the time when kids as well as adults dress up in their imaginative best to give their beholders a creepy feeling. Here are some useful costume tips that will help you wear the right outfit and turn the heads of your friends as well as other Halloween partygoers. Check out these Halloween Costume Ideas and if you find them assistive, click here and share them with your loved ones. Have a grand Halloween celebration!

Dracula Costume

Dracula CostumeThe Dracula Costume happens to be a timeless favorite for Halloween partygoers. Dress up in a white dress shirt (button it all the way up), black pants, black socks and black shoes. Drape a piece of black fabric over your shoulders as the cape and secure it with a pin or ties at the neck. A good hair gel (to give your hair that neat appearance), fake fangs and a bow tie should complete the look.

Pirate CostumePirate Costume

They are not of the supernatural world, and yet pirates are fearful in their own right. Wrap a bandana around your head. Wear a loose shirt unbuttoned at the top, with a vest (you can cut an old shirt to make one). Dark knee-length leather boots will be perfect. Wrap a piece of fabric around your waist for a belt. Women can wear a skirt with a ragged bottom.

Ghost Costume

Ghost CostumeDrape a white fabric over your head, so that the middle of the cloth rests on your crown and the rest of it is evenly distributed on all sides. Trim any excess out of the bottom of the fabric to make it of the desired length and avoid tripping hazards. Ensure that it remains at least 2 or 3 inches above the ground. Mark two holes (where your eyes should be) with a pencil and cut them out. Have someone pin a hat to the area of the fabric where your head should be. This will not let the costume slip around during movement. Wear white gloves, white socks and white shoes to complete the look! You can carry along a jack-o-lantern for added effect.

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