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Halloween Pranks

If it is October, it is time for Halloween. One whole month of anticipation and preparation goes behind the fun that is Halloween. If the treats and costumes make one half, the tricks are what make the other half of the Halloween celebrations. Halloween is the time to play pranks on your friends and dear ones and give them a good scare in an amusing way. Here are some nice little Halloween pranks that let you scare your dear ones without overstepping the fright quotient. Try these pranks and have a great time during Halloween. If you like these Halloween pranks, you can click here and share them with your buddies. Enjoy Halloween like never before!

Stab them

Throw a Halloween bash at home or attend one organized by a friend. When the party is at full swing, take out a knife from your pocket, run towards him and stab him right on his chest. A collective scream is let out at the sight of blood oozing out from your friends' body. The scream soon turns to laughter as it is found out that it was all a trick.

But how do you pull off such a trick? For this one you need a spring knife. Basically this is a fake knife that looks like a real one but actually has a plastic blade and a spring between the handle and the blade. A little pressure on the blade tip makes it retract due to the spring action and small amount of red color is sprayed out which appears like blood.

The prank is quite popular but if you can play it cleverly it never fails to scare.


Scary chase

Throw a Halloween bash at your home. Just a little before the guests are to arrive, have a friend apply some scary make-up on his face and lie in your garden wearing a white shirt, face down, pretending to be dead. Put some fake blood on the back of his shirt so that he appears to have been stabbed. As the guests arrive, they are sure to spot the 'body". As they approach the body and try to inspect it, your "lifeless" friend is to jump and chase them. A good fright is guaranteed.


Skeleton in the closet

Dress up in a skeleton suit or any other scary outfit. Wear a fearful mask and hide in a closet that is often opened. A good ones are the closet in your bedroom or in your kitchen. Wait quietly inside the closet until someone comes to open the door. As soon as the door is opened, jump out and roar loudly. Shock them and run away, emerging moments later pretending you came to see what the noise was all about. Then put the blame on someone else and watch the fun. But if they are familiar with you, your victims will most probably realize the identity of the one behind the mask.

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