New Year Decoration Ideas

New year is the time when we turn over a new leaf in our lives and let go of the old times and memories to embrace our future with eager expectations and hopes. It is a time when we dress ourselves in our brightest best and decorate our surroundings to provide the coming days of our life with a warm welcome. This fascinating article brings you a host of useful decoration ideas to help you beautify your home as you prepare for this New Year's Day celebrations. Go through our New Year Decoration Ideas to spruce up your shack and give it the perfect festive appearance. These decoration tips will prove assistive for you whether you plan to hold a grand New Year's Day bash at your residence or keep the celebrations a private affair. If you like our New Year Decoration Ideas, click here and share them with your friends and dear ones. Wish you a Happy New Year's Day!
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Think deeply and you will find three things essential ingredients for any celebration - joy, enthusiasm and exuberance. It is the happiness of the mind that generates enthusiasm in us and eggs us to indulge in exuberant celebrations. Decorations are the natural products of such a state of mind.

Hence, the items you use for decoration should smell of the fragrance of your feelings. What is better than flowers to serve this purpose? Other than lending their beauty and fragrance to the ambience, they make for cheap and natural decoration items and are soothing to the eyes. While holly garlands and berry wreaths are great for decorating the main gates, front door, balconies, railings and mantle, flowers such as poinsettias, mistletoes, daisies and ivies are perfect for dinner table decorations. Flowers are traditional decorative items and if used effectively, they can add much beauty and grandieur to your New Year celebrations.

Brightness is the keynote of any celebration. A sparkling ambience reflects the bright condition of the mind and adds positive energy to the atmosphere that also rubs off on people. Make sure that you have enough lights at your disposal to brighten up your celebrations. Purchase several strands of small white bulbs and hang them on your lawns, terraces and balconies. Tie these across your main gates in winding patterns and also fix them to your front door with strong adhesive tapes. If you are throwing a bash, try to get hold of a timer to control the lighting of the party venue.

And how can you forget the balloons? An eternal favourite of kids, the balloon is also a turn on for adults as it comes cheap and lends a fun festive appearance to a venue. Buy many multi-colored balloons or several balloons of each colour. Decorate the front entrance of your home/party venue with 6-7 balloons. Other than serving as a decorative item these will also help your guests find the party venue. Get about 2 or 3 dozens of helium balloons, fill them with streamer bits and confetti, tie thir ends with little red ribbons and release them in your party room so that they touch the celiling and lend a nice look to the venue. As the clock strikes the midnight hour, pop the balloons and let all be covered with the glittering pieces. If you are going for an open-air celebration, you can tie these to the corners of the party venue with long ribbons. You are also adviced to get some normal balloons in your stock. Tape these over your doorway or hang from a ceiling light fixture (take care that they remain away from the bulbs).

Never underestimate the use of small decor items. Streamers and confettis, if used well, can go a long way to provide your party zone with the cool festive appearance it so deserves. These come cheap and can turn on the party mood like few things can. You can purchase these from any local party store or make them by yourself at home. Cut strips of different length out of crepe paper or tissue paper to make streamers. Using a paper punch on construction paper will yield you some nice homemade confetti. Sprinkle one-two handfuls of confettis of various shapes over tabletops and beds to lend a festive look to the occassion. Get one of those glitter throwing cans or confetti throwers and as the dance floor heats up, sprinkle some glitters/confettis on your guests. Watch the excitement double up. Hang a fringe of streamers over the doorways or make a canopy over the New Year cake table by attaching streamers to the chandelier and twirling them down to the corners of the table. Your party venue will look fabulous!

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