The countdown for the New Year begins. So does racking the brains for a good New Year party theme. While New Year has been celebrated in a traditional manner for long, these days every person wants to celebrate and usher in the coming year in an own style, in his or her own way. That's why, the order of the day is to found the merriment on some new theme. A great theme can go a long way to make your party leap out with gravitas. Here, we bring you a number of splendid party themes. If you like them, click here to refer this page to your friends..
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1) Patriotic theme :

"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"

New year party themeA patriotic New Year theme reflects the love for one's native country. It can be a different idea for flashing out New Year's excitement. Small flags or colors of the flag can be used indoors and outdoors to highlight the theme. You can also hang pictures/posters of great patriots in your party zone to create the atmosphere.

2) Clock Theme :

This is undoubtedly a great theme for a New Year party, the simple reason being that the clocks can serve to beautify your party as well as keep count of the hours to go for the New Year. You can send out invitations shaped like clocks in round boxes bearing the name of the invitee and an image of a clock on top. Costumes for kids at such a party can include dressing up as giant clocks (made of cardboard boxes with openings at the top and bottom for head and legs) You can have a competition for the best-dressed-kid-as-a-clock award which will serve greatly to enliven the occassion. Do not forget to hang a giant clock(or in its absence, a medium-sized pendulum clock) from the roof-top at the centre of your party-zone. It will add to the charm of your party with its "ding-dong", especially at the stroke of the hour of midnight.

3) Slumber theme :

Slumber Parties are cherished childhood memories. It's such a treat to have friends spend the night. Make a slumber party extra special by having your child select a fun theme, such as outerspace, movie night, or spa makeover. Clear a room for guests to spread out their sleeping bags, or if your child is adventurous and the weather pleasant, have the children sleep in tents in your yard. Decorate your Slumber Party with articles like personalized party banners, colorful balloons and streamers and the like. Include fun foods like jiffy pop popcorn, chinese food or pizza, ice cream cake.

4) Celebrity theme :

A hot favourite these days, this party theme has you dressing up like celebrities or in some fancy dress. You can choose any celebrity you like and adapt his or her hairstyle, costumes etc. Most importantly, try to act like that person. You can even announce a prize to the best dressed up person. For decorations, make picture frames and pick favourite celebrities to put inside the frame. You can organize a celebrity-lookalike contest and award the one who wins it with an Elvis crown. Foods can include chips and sodas. Put small doll-like statues of celebrities on the cake. Rock, rap, punk etc. can fit into a party like this with a panache.

5) Disco theme party :

Do you plan to throw a Disco Party this new year? Grace your party zone in '70s-inspired earth tones colors such as orange, yellow, brown and definitely the ever-addictive split-pea-green. Beaded curtains need to be hanged to add a little extra color and flair. Also make it a point that you have plenty of incense burning to really create a 70's atmosphere. The disco ball is of the essence to a successful disco party. You'll need a pin spot light (or two) aimed at it while it hangs from the ceiling in the room your guests are dancing in. No respectable disco party would go without this key element. Disco balls in varying sizes can be ordered in kits complete with spot lights. Dress up in 70's Disco party suits or retro coats and jackets, vintage Polyester print Disco shirts and bell bottoms or retro pants. As an accompaniment to them use funky neckties and disco shoes. Burn the dance floor.

6) 50's Stock Hop Party :

A New Year's Eve 50's Sock Hop as your party theme will be absolutely great for you to jive into the new year with absolute elan! Transmute your home into a diner, drive-in or high school gym and have some clean fun. Happy New Party ThemeFor invitations, make compact discs with songs from the 50's and mail in a cd box or padded envelope. Make sure that your guests come dressed for the occassion, like - men in blue jeans, tight white shirts, black leather jackets; women in poodle skirts, off-shoulder blouses, bobby socks and ponytails. You may suggest the dresses. For the big-night, decorate the walls with posters of stars like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and old fashioned cars like a '57 Chevy. Add bright-coloured streamers and balloons. Have lots of bubble gum around for chewing. If you can, hire a DJ to play 50's music. Or rent a jukebox and let the crowd select their own music. The choice is yours! Get the guests involved in fun dance floor games. Have a dance contest that includes dancing the Twist, Mashed Potato and the Stroll. Serve soda fountain favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and brownies a la mode. If you can, rent soda fountain mugs and parfait glasses.

As the hour of midnight comes closer, gather everyone on the dance floor for the final minutes before the new year. For this is a time none should miss. Hand out party hats and crowns, noise makers and confetti poppers to throw as the clock strikes twelve. Ask guests to share their resolutions with one another while waiting for the Sock Hop ball to drop. Layer 10 large red balloons atop each other (use tape or string to keep them in place.) to create your own ball drop. Place a big Styrofoam ball that you've covered with tin foil on top of the balloons. When the countdown reaches ten seconds, pop a balloon with each second, (best with each dong of the clock-bell) which will lower the "ball". At midnight, after the clock-striking-twelve celebrations, ask all the guests to take off their shoes and do an official "sock hop" around the dance floor. And last but not the least, don't spend all your energy towards the success of your party. Enjoy yourself too!

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